2016 in Photos

Hello and Happy Throwback Thursday everybody!

Today I picked a photo from each month of the year to share as a little throwback.

This post was inspired by the wonderful Lui Maria and you all should check out her post here.


In January there was a lot of snow, so tall rain boots were a necessity. My friends and I accidentally twined and were all wearing jeans with black rain boots to school.

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February was the end of 1st semester in school and it was nice to have a break , but it was  still freezing outside. My friends and I got together to make Snickerdoodles, my favorite cookies, and filled the house with warm smells so that was a plus 🙂 .

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Sorry about the low quality photo! I barely took any pictures in March, but hey at least the snow and ice were starting to melt.



Yay warmth! Ha this post is starting to turn into a weather report 😂.

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On labor day weekend my friend and I were enjoying the sun went for a quick bike around town. (Don’t worry! We were wearing helmets just took them off for the pic)



In June I was finally able to escape from school and have some fun. My first trip was to Atlanta, Georgia. I took this picture on the hike up to the top of Kennesaw Mountain.



July was filled with more travels around the country. I took this picture on the pier of Manhattan Beach in California.



My favorite vacation of the year was to the Grand Cayman. Snorkeling there was an amazing experience. When you glanced down there were so many fish and they were all different colors.



In September I was in school again and barely took any photos. This one of the sky and clouds is pretty cool.



Yay FALL my favorite season!!! Beautiful pumpkins, beautiful leaves, Halloween, perfect weather, how can one not love Fall!

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In November I bought a new rain jacket and loved the way water droplets formed on it. I also had pictures from Thanksgiving but unfortunately our turkey was not aesthetically appealing.



I can’t believe it’s the last month of the year. Our trip to Charleston, South Carolina was nice and I was happy to get away from the cold air where I live.


 I cannot believe it is almost 2017; this year has been quite an adventure.

Thank you for reading I hope you all enjoyed.

Comment below your favorite season or month of the year and leave a link to your blog too as I would love to check it out!


What I Got For Christmas 2016

Hello Everyone and Merry late Christmas! I am very thankful to have recieven these wonderful gifts from my family, friends, and of course Santa. I hope everyone had a great Holiday 🙂 Now onto the haul

The list that follows corresponds with the pictures going left to right (how you would read a book)

  1. Bath Bomb
  2. Nike Duffle
  3. Fleece Throw
  4. Nike Tempo Run shorts
  5. Pajama Sets
  6. A bunch of Chocolate
  7. Nathan Water Bottle
  8. Misc. Bath items
  9. Tumbler filled with spa items (lotion, body spray)
  10. T-shirt Dress
  11. Baking Pan
  12. UA cropped leggings
  13. Nike Rival S 8 (they haven’t come yet because they were ordered late)
  14. The best smelling candle ever!! (Smells like Christmas)
  15. My fav bar of Chooclate

Comment Below: What’s your favorite present you recieved this year?

Mine would have to be the shoes.


Southern Charm (Charleston)

Last week, before Christmas, my family took a mini vacation and flew down to Charleston, South Carolina. We stayed there for a couple days and then took a two hour drive to Savannah, GA. The two cities were filled with so much charm and history. It was a wonderful break away from the cold winter we’ve been having up north.  Here are a couple highlights and must-do’s.

  1. Charleston City Night Market


The Night Market was a fun experience there were lots of vendors and live music. We went again in the morning but it wasn’t the same experience.

2.Rainbow Row


Rainbow Row is the definition of Historic Southern Charm. Located in Downtown Charleston near the water, there are about 13 houses painted in lively pastel colors and they date back to 18th century. The picture I took does not do them justice!

3. Folly Beach


The wonderful beach town of Folly is only 11 miles from Charleston. Here we ate the best meal of our trip at Joe’s Crab shack the food was so fresh and prices were unbeatable.

4. Carolina Cider Company

As we were driving down to Savannah we saw the store on the side of the road and had to stop in. We bought a bottle of Blackberry Cider they made and it was amazing! We also got a bag of freshly boiled peanuts yum! The store once made USA Today’s top 10 places to get pie, but we didn’t find out until after we left 😦

5. Old Sheldon Church Ruins


The scenery and history at the Old Sheldon Church in Beaufort was amazing. The Church held its first service in 1757. Then in 1779 it was set on fire by British Troops. The church was rebuilt around 1825 from the remaining walls. In 1865 around the end of the civil war it was set on fire again, but the walls still did not fall. How amazing is that?

I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday season!



Life Updates

Hi All!

Wow it has been a long long time. I apologize for the break. At the end of August I went on a vacation to the Grand Cayman, came back, and then jumped right into school. The first quarter of school is over now so things are a little less chaotic. I do plan on keeping up with my blog now that I’m getting back in routine.



P.S. Stay tuned I’ll be sharing a Grand Cayman blog soon!


Change: A Healthier Life

At the beginning of August I realized just how unhealthy I have become since the end of the school year, so I set a goal for myself to live a healthier lifestyle. It has only been 3 weeks, but I definitely feel a change. Here’s what I’ve been doing and I will continue doing follow-up posts.

1. Exercise

I used to run everyday, but when summer came things fell apart. The first day I went back out for a run again I thought I was going to die. It did not feel right, however after my shower I felt much better and it was all worth it. I’ve been running pretty consistently now. There are so many benefits my favorite include, the mood boost, stronger core and legs, higher metabolism and burning calories.

2. Eat Well

I’ve gotten many delicious and healthy breakfast recipes from here.

While exercise is amazing for you sticking with an unhealthy diet is worse. You won’t see or feel a difference since junk food often makes you feel heavy and bloated. Feeding your body properly will help you feel lighter, and decrease your urge to snack throughout the day.  Don’t forget to eat breakfast!! It’s the most important meal of the day.


3. Wake up Earlier


Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”.

I’ve been waking up around 8-9 in the morning which allows me to get in a good breakfast and workout. When waking earlier you feel more refreshed and end up being more productive throughout the day.

4. Limit screen time: 1-2 hours

Now while I do love my Grey’s Anatomy I came to a realization that watching 3 or more hours of Netflix a day was not okay. I watch only one or two episodes a day now and I have time for more important things such as blogging and sleep.

5. Hydrate!


The recommended amount of water per day is half of your body weight in ounces. For Example, if you are 120 pounds you want to be drinking around 60 ounces a day. However, the number is just a guideline and fluctuates based on your daily activities. Make sure you get in water after workouts and being outside for a long time. Adding things such as lemon mint and strawberry has added benefits and gives your water a fun kick! Having a cute water bottle has also encouraged me to drink more water.


Until next time



Los Angeles- Travel tips

This past weekend I was on vacation with my Family in California. We spent four days exploring the LA area. I’ll be sharing my favorite places and some tips for visiting.

1. Grand Central Market: 317 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA


Located right in Downtown LA, Grand Central Market is the perfect destination for lunch. There is a large variety to pick from at very reasonable prices, so you will definitely find something for everyone in your family. After you finish purchasing your food there are tables both indoor and outdoor to dine at. Be sure to stop by  McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream for a sweet treat; you won’t regret it!

2. El Segundo, California

We stayed at the Marriott Residence inn at El Segundo for the first night, and found it to be a very convenient location.laxel_phototour47.jpg

The hotel is only 2 miles away from the airport and they provide a complimentary shuttle there and back.  It’s also located right across the street from the metro station which has many convenient stops such as: Downtown LA, Hollywood, Long Beach, Universal Studios, Santa Monica and more.

3. Transportation-Metro

To use the metro you have to first purchase a TAP card for $1, and then you can fill it with a 1-day pass for $7 or a 7-day pass for $25. When you purchase a TAP card you can also ride the metro buses for no extra charge. The cards are available for purchase at any metro station.

4. Marina Del Rey

If you are a beach person Marina Del Rey, a coastal community, will be perfect for you. It is near both Venice and Santa Monica beaches. The Marriott is walking distance to Venice beach, but if you aren’t into walking they also offer bike rentals.


That’s all for this post! If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comment section and I’ll get back to you.


An Introduction

Hi Everyone!

My name is Jasmine and Welcome to my blog! I’ve considered starting a blog for a while now, and since it’s summer I thought to my self why not?.

LivingLifeWithJazzy is going to be a “lifestyle” blog where I share a little bit of everything from fashion, travels/adventures, school, baking, DIYs, etc. Since this is my first post I’ll do an introduction  so you can get to know me better.

  • Right now I’m on summer break, but in September I’ll back to high school as a sophomore!! In the fall season I play on the schools golf team, and in winter and spring I run on my schools track team.
  • I enjoy taking pictures of everything I see so I’ll share those on here as well.
  • I am also very passionate about music. One of my favorite hobbies is playing guitar and singing I uploaded a cover a couple days ago onto YouTube! Here’s the link https://youtu.be/Gq_RSNfdAU4 . I also play violin in my school’s orchestra, and have been taking piano lessons since 1st grade.
  • In my free time you can usually find me with friends. When were together we enjoy being outside. We live in a wonderful town where you can bike and hangout almost everywhere.
  • Lastly, I have a great family. I have an older sister, mom, and dad. Every year we take a few vacations together and I really enjoy it.

That’s all for my post! Keep following along so you can get to know me and my life better 🙂

See you next week,